Alex Tyrrell

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    Why I’m Supporting Community Action in the CSU Elections

    At a time when students are confronted with repeated austerity measures and widespread environmental degradation, it is important to have a student union that defends our interests, builds community and ensures that our voices are heard both inside and outside the university.

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    The Global Movement to Divest from Fossil Fuels Gains Momentum

    Academic institutions speaking out and divesting from fossil fuels makes it more difficult for elected officials to continue taking us down a road that many scientists argue will lead to our extinction. Although the actions taken by the Concordia admin to date are superficial, they will become significant if and only if the admin moves towards 100 per cent divestment from fossil fuels.

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    An Open Letter to Concordia President Alan Shepard on Divestment from Fossil Fuels

    Some of your recent statements on fossil fuel divestment show that you do not fully understand the reasoning behind the divestment campaign. For example, you have openly stated that the university would consider divestment only if it is shown that sustainable and ethical investments perform as well as the unsustainable and grossly unethical investments the university currently holds in the oil and gas industry.