Why I’m Supporting Community Action in the CSU Elections

At a time when students are confronted with repeated austerity measures and widespread environmental degradation, it is important to have a student union that defends our interests, builds community and ensures that our voices are heard both inside and outside the university.

Over the past two years I have been repeatedly impressed with the will, determination and perseverance of the individuals elected to the CSU council and executive. In a relatively short period of time, they have managed to initiate and build widespread support for a variety of sustainability-related projects on campus, such as the Hive Solidarity Café, the Loyola Greenhouse, the Student Housing Co-op, the CSU Daycare and the Brewing Co-op just to name a few. The union has not shied away from taking strong political positions in favour of civil liberties and against austerity, and it has engaged the community in a productive discussion about a number of broad political issues of our time.

This week students will be voting on who will be running the CSU for the next academic year. I am happy to throw my full support behind Community Action. They are running an excellent group of dedicated, hard-working and progressive individuals that are ready to continue supporting students and their projects. The election of the Community Action slate of executives will ensure that the CSU continues to build solidarity among community members while following through on the many excellent projects currently underway.

—_Alex Tyrrell
Leader of the Green Party of Québec
Concordia Environmental Science Undergrad_