For The Love Of Zombies

Photos Alexandru Petrosan

Halloween came early to Montreal this weekend with the annual Zombie Walk flooding the city streets on Oct. 20.

Thousands of the undead paraded through the Quartier des Spectacles, the Old Port and Chinatown, entertaining zombie fans and confused tourists alike as they lurched forward.

Beginning at Place-des-Arts, the crowd thickened by early afternoon. Future zombies applied makeup, and for those running low, a merch stand—complete with fake blood for sale—had been erected.

The crowd, which included doctor zombies, raver zombies, Victorian zombies, rockabilly zombies and even the sheriff from The Walking Dead, was led by a hearse until it started pouring… rain, not blood.

As the clouds opened up and scattered rainfall began, the zombies growled at the grey sky and marveled at the rainbow. But when the real downpour started, they hurried to the sidewalks of St. Laurent Blvd. with uncharacteristic speed, seeking shelter to keep their mutilated faces from becoming even more so.

It all ended at the always horror-themed punk bar Katacombes, for a true night of live music for the living dead.

Video produced by Corey Pool & Colin Harris