You get a strike, you get a strike, everyone gets a strike!

Workers and unions gather for the fourth year in a row demanding to have wages match inflation

Photo Iness Rifay

Instead of enjoying the Labour Day holiday, hundreds of protestors spent their day marching the streets of downtown Montreal under the scorching sun.

Despite the heat wave, sunburnt arms held up signs demanding better wages, a reform to capitalism, and a common front between all unions. 

Over 15 different organizations came together to plan the protest, including Concordia University’s CREW-CSN and the Fédération des travailleurs et travailleuses du Québec (FTQ). During this fourth rendition of the Labour Day protest, the chants were clearer than ever: “our living conditions before profit,” and “capitalism is exploitation”. Horns, cheers and noisemakers added to the angry cacophony as the crowd made its way down to Place Canada. 

Protestors were invited to attend the next Labour Protest on Sept. 23. 

A protestor holds a smoke flare while looking at the crowd behind them. Photo Iness Rifay
Demonstrators march down the streets while chanting in unison with the crowd. The poster they are holding reads: “Against capitalism, combative unionism! Inflation, low wages, fighting is the only way! Common front, labour battle: solidarity between all!” Photo Iness Rifay
A protestor holds a blue smoke flare and stands in the coloured clouds of the other flares as the crowd marches on. Photo Iness Rifay
Several workers, unions and supporters walk down Union Avenue while brandishing their union logos and banners protesting poor working conditions. Photo Iness Rifay
Protestors make some final chants as they settle in Place Canada: “So-so-so-solidarity!” over and over again. Photo Iness Rifay
Various posters, flags and banners sit in a container shortly before the start of the protest. The centre one reads “on strike.” Photo Iness Rifay