Welcome to the Gender and Sexuality Special Issue

Graphic Brian Lapuz and Carl Bindman

Hello dear reader, and welcome to this year’s special issue on Gender and Sexuality.

Both gender and sexuality operate on vast spectrums. Among the issues that are encompassed by these two words—which are far too often tackled as black and white—there are colourful, diverse and meaningful ways in which we can engage with these topics.

As such, we at The Link offer to you, dear reader, some of that rainbow.

Transparency, love and understanding are at the crux of this special issue, along with a strong sense of willingness to talk about things that may not be the easiest to talk about. We believe that with accessible knowledge and information, these conversations can be more comfortable for everyone.

We are an unapologetically feminist publication and we stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual violence. As The Link promotes a safe space for everybody in our office, we’d also like to extend that to the pages of this publication. Some of these articles talk about the tough stuff, such as rape, misogyny and gender-based discrimination. Below is a table of contents, feel free to use it to guide you through this issue.

We at The Link acknowledge that this special issue is by no means exhaustive, or representative of the many communities, identities and narratives that exist within the realm of gender and sex, but we hope that nevertheless, these pages might inspire you.

Love always,
The Link