Vote NO to the Per-Faculty Fee-Levy Referendum Question

There have been many editorials in recent weeks concerning fee-levy groups and who should be paying for these groups and services.

The fee levy groups here at Concordia enrich the community providing services such as; a daily free vegan lunch, a beautiful greenhouse where students can enjoy a hot cup of tea to relax, they provide an outlet for student news, advocacy for gender and queer issues, and the list goes on.

All of these fee levy groups, 17 in total, provide free services to all undergrad students regardless of their faculty. Together we create a diverse community and we want to see this community continue together, with the support of all faculties, instead of student segregation as a result of faculty opt-outs.

Each one of these groups has been voted into existence with a majority vote of the undergraduate population.

While we may not benefit directly from every one of these services, if we can make a difference to even one student’s experience then I believe it is worthwhile. It is for this reason that I invite you all to come out and VOTE NO to the per-faculty fee-levy referendum question this week during the CSU elections and to let your voice be heard.

Together we can keep the fee levy community alive and keep cross faculty interactions between students.

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