Chuck Wilson for President

If you vote for one person in this CSU election, let it be Chuck Wilson for president. When I sat on CSU council last year, Chuck was in his second year of his work on Senate. He came to almost every council meeting, so I got to know him in a working dynamic quite quickly.

Chuck was a constant resource: he always had detailed information, a near-encyclopaedic knowledge of our union’s rules, workings and bylaws and those of other organizations, sophisticated insight into controversial issues, and he often assumed positions of authority very naturally. It was very common at these meetings that someone would end up appealing to Chuck for an answer to a question or for resources.

In fact, those in Concordia’s student political community recognize his website,, as the unofficial guide to our student union: before it was used for his campaigning, it hosted valuable resources, documents, and information essential for us to do our jobs. Even our chairperson would occasionally reference the meeting agenda or amended bylaws and standing regulations that he maintained meticulously in and outside of meetings.

If you were to approach them and ask, people across Concordia’s community—staff, administration, political leaders, members of Space Concordia and so on—would identify Chuck as a highly competent, brilliant, capable leader.

Many, many people at Concordia are excited to see what this person can do for our union. Please, please vote for him so we can find out.

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