SWARMing the Field

Stinger Student Group Aims for a Culture Change

Photo Dylan Maloney

Stinger pride is on the rise at Concordia. At least that’s the goal of a new student-run group founded this summer on campus. 

SWARM, Students With Athletes Representing Maroon’N’Gold, was created to sting Concordia sports apathy in the butt. “We’re aiming at a culture change,” said Emran Ghasemi, president of the group.

When Concordia played Bishop’s University at the home opener last year, Ghasemi noticed that even though Bishop’s fans were only a quarter of the audience, they made their presence noticed, while Stingers fans were less than enthusiastic.

That was when Ghasemi, a hooker for the Stinger’s rugby team, decided to start SWARM.
Ghasemi had been involved in other activities before, but it was co-founder Pepe Garcia who brought the know-how to the group.

Though not officially a Concordia Student Union club, the group received financial help from multiple CSU affiliates, including the Arts and Science Federation of Associations and Hillel. “We had a lot of obstacles, and I’d ask myself, ‘Why am I doing this?’ But when the promo items arrived, I realized ‘Oh, it worked.’”

With an executive team consisting of athletes and student leaders, SWARM has set its sights on getting more students out to the games to cheer on their Stingers. “At the end of the day, we’re all Stingers,” Ghasemi said. 

Focusing on getting freshmen involved, the group aims to create or improve ways for students to enjoy sports on campus. Whether it’s pre-game, during the game, or post-game, SWARM will be bringing their A-game to the party. 

SWARM’s co-presidents encourage all students who are interested in the group to visit their Facebook page. 
– with files from Julia Wolfe

This article originally appeared in Volume 32, Issue 02, published September 6, 2011.