Stay afloat this semester with moon rituals

Lunar notifications to help integrate back into on-campus learning

Graphic by Micah Angell

The return to on-campus learning will stimulate new experiences for both new and returning students. Different challenges and goals lay ahead on your path as a student. Diving within your own world with moon ritual techniques could in fact help students relieve some of the stress of the upcoming semester.

Moon rituals can be used as a means of self-reflection to hold yourself accountable and assist you towards your desired life. 

Moon ritual techniques—specifically reflection techniques—question habits, people, and objects, as well as energy you may or may not need in your life. The moon’s rhythmic phases have been worshipped among many cultures. This is seen especially in Hinduism, where the parallel of Earth’s bodies of water and the human anatomy are believed to be both affected by the full moon’s strength and vibrancy due to increased tidal waves, as stated in the article “Full Moon Rituals Around The World: Harness The Power Of The Moon” from The Conscious Club. 

Think of the moon’s lunar cycle as a cosmic guideline that allows the full moon to reappear every 28 to 29 days, synonymly and celestially creating a notification. The full moon’s visual presence can be used like the calendar app’s  circular bubble notification button—notifying you that this is now the time to conduct a moon ritual.

The new moon offers the opportunity to set personal goals as it symbolizes the beginning of the moon cycle—hence new beginnings. This could help with a variety of goals such as the commencement of tutoring, volunteering, or even neat note taking as well as other related aspirations. Visually, the new moon is nonexistent as it is in shadow, but its presence remains afloat. Its entrance into each new month reflects onto its title and its power, as seen in Bustle’s “How Full Moon Energy Is Totally Different From New Moon Energy” article from 2020. 

Due to the moon's subtle shift in movement, you may want to follow its itinerary online in order to effortlessly set aside a short time frame for yourself—replacing your smartphone with a notebook for full concentration. This is the best time to start a new habit or hobby through writing or even action—as in physically completing a task. Jot down and envision future ambitions using the present tense and positive language to confirm its performance. For example, “I am great at meal prepping. I smash every meal I make. School is much less stressful now that I meal prep.”

Implementing repetitive and positive affirmations not only challenges your inner saboteur, but also trains your brain to execute small tasks to reach the end goal, according to the Mind Tools Content Team. This cosmic reset is the ultimate time to start fresh. 

“[The full moon brings] a sense of illumination, helping us to see situations for what they are and bringing to light information that may have previously been hidden” — Nina Kahn

Opposingly, the full moon takes the stage showcasing its full intensity arriving at the midpoint of the lunar cycle. “[The full moon brings] a sense of illumination, helping us to see situations for what they are and bringing to light information that may have previously been hidden,” said Nina Kahn, lifestyle writer for Bustle’s astrology segment. The cosmic guidance may aid in releasing toxic patterns or behaviours—bringing our growth into reality. 

Visualizations amplify the quality and envisionment of releasing, reinventing and recharging any desired aspects of your life. 

“Once you write, you burn [the paper with the written text]—it goes wherever it has to go,” said Aladys, her initiated name, owner and mage of Centre Holistique Magie Verte in Longueuil. “You can think it goes to the moon because you ask the moon to receive it,” Aladys highlighted. 

Reflection equals revelation—in its way of making you think and dissect certain aspects of your life to gain full focus. This focus can bring clarity into your personal and student-life—easing the management of studying, socializing, and working. 

Moon rituals are often relative to the person and their experiences. Sitting by a candle in silence might help set the mood for your thinking and writing session. Some may cleanse their space using sage to redefine the space as fresh and sacred—but spiritual accessories are not necessary.  

Acknowledging the full moon’s glowing presence is the first step towards conducting rituals in order to keep up to date with your life. After several rituals, the moon will be nothing but a notification for gratitude and reflection.

This article originally appeared in The Reorientation Issue, published September 7, 2021.