Residents Represented

We are writing on behalf of the Grey Nuns’ Resident’s Council. We are a group of students who have many of the same functions as the CSU on a much smaller scale in the Grey Nuns’ Residence. We try to host fun events that are representative of our student body, and we have closely worked with an awesome team of Residence Assistants to make the first year student experience exciting and educational.

We are very pleased to see current downtown RAs Laura Glover, Ali Moenck, Lorne Segall, Morgan Todd and AJ West, as well as Andy Filipowich and Cameron Monagle from the Loyola Residences on the Your Concordia slate.

This is a beacon of light for Residence Life, as currently the CSU forgets many of the first-year residents after they have moved in. This is unacceptable, as this is a huge student population that is unique, as we not only go to school, but we also live on campus. Therefore the CSU has many opportunities to provide services/events for us—not just to give out agendas, which is the only service that most residents can name off the top of their head.

We are pleased to see that the residences will not be forgotten next year with representation on Your Concordia’s Executive, Board of Governors, Senate and Council. Also, we are so excited to see what these driven student leaders can do on a large-scale for the whole Concordia Community next year. That being said, we fully back the Your Concordia team and we hope that all students, living on campus or not, go out and vote on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

—Steven Hodgson, President, Grey Nuns’ Resident’s Council

—Georgia Higgins,
VP Events, Grey Nuns’ Resident’s Council

This article originally appeared in The Link Volume 31, Issue 28, published March 29, 2011.

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