Protest Season is Here

Another Anti-Austerity Demonstration Sees One Fined, No Arrests

Demonstrators protesting austerity in downtown Montreal on Thursday night. Photo Brandon Johnston

Approximately 100 demonstrators in downtown Montreal denounced austerity at one of the first protests of the upcoming “spring” season.

The group gathered at Phillip Square on Thursday night and began marching east on Ste. Catherine St. E., through the Plateau, eventually dispersing near des Pins Ave. and Drolet St.

At that cross street, a line of police in riot gear began banging their shields, which caused the group to sprint down Drolet St. into the St. Louis Square area. At that point, Christophe Bolduc says he received a ticket “for yelling in the streets” after remaining behind.

To mimic a common police tactic, Bolduc says he shouted “Bouge, bouge, bouge” toward the officers, which resulted in a $150 fine. The Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal could not confirm that anyone was ticketed and says there were no arrests.

On the crosswalk around the square, some protesters and police were seen yelling as they walked south on St. Denis St. The opposing groups parted shortly after to sarcastic cheers from the remaining demonstrators.

Justine Bouchard-Guerin, a participant in the demonstration from Université de Montreal, says budget cuts from austerity measures are causing some of her courses to be removed.

She is pursuing a degree in social work and added that the cuts will affect her career prospects post-graduation as many people in her field are currently losing their jobs.