Dog Food is Just Unfair

Tonight, you will feast like a king! Graphic Elizabeth Xu

Imagine a sizzling, perfectly peppered piece of filet mignon—now top that off with some sautéed mushrooms and gravy. Mmm, an exciting prospect for a meat-loving omnivore.

Now, imagine your canine best bud, staring up at you with those wishful, glimmering eyes as you sit down for the epic chow-down. The dog’s pleas go ignored—why should the pet get to eat tasty, hearty food? After all, he’s just a dog, right?

Well, as a fellow being with tastebuds, I can tell you with utmost confidence that the cute creature at your feet is not satisfied with his dog-food-diet.

Put yourself in his paws for a moment—you sit at home doing jack shit, just waiting for a moment of excitement to brighten your dull day. Your human companion arrives home (FINALLY, YAY!) and begins prepping a succulent, delicious, pungent human meal—you begin to salivate as the aroma floats past your strong nose.

Your tail wags—this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! Finally, something exciting! The human steps away from the stove and walks towards your all-too-familiar feeding dishes. The time is nigh! Tonight, you will feast like a king!

But then reality hits. You look into your bowl, and what do you see?

Pebbles. Dry, bland, and brown. The pebbles haunt your dreams. You eat begrudgingly.

The point is, treat your best friend to some good food sometimes. Dogs have tastebuds too.