Nahm’sayin?: Glitter, Sparkles, Jewels, Oh My!

The World Needs More Shine

Photo Elisa Barbier

I really really love glitter and sparkles. It’s joyful and happy. It’s a conversation starter and continuer.

I hated taking people’s orders at the “gourmet” hotdog shack I worked at over the summer.

Being able to look down at my sparkly silver nails as I wrote down people’s orders made me smile and also prompted pleasant encounters with the non-terrible customers.

Recently, I was in my dentist’s waiting room reading a magazine dated December 2012. Inside, there was an article about glitter nail polish and whether adult women should wear it.

The author sympathized with the reader, saying she too wondered if it was appropriate for adult women to wear glittery nail polish. Her answer was: yes it was okay, but only around Christmas for festive cheer at parties or something.

“Are you dead inside?” I thought, judging her.

Of course, anyone who wants to should wear glitter at any time! There isn’t enough glitter in the world. The whole matte everything trend is soulless and visually offensive to me.

People who say they don’t like sparkles are probably the ones who could benefit the most from adding some to their lives tbh.

I’ve had really interesting random conversations with people wearing my glittery silver rain boots than I don’t think would have happened if I was wearing a pair of my plain black fashion girl ankle boots.

Glitter catches the eye but it also makes the wearer more approachable because there’s something so inherently joyful and silly about sparkles.

Funnily enough, the day I pitched this article to The Link, a guy came up to me and asked for a cigarette. I handed him my lighter which is bedazzled (obviously) and he loved it.

We started talking and had an unexpectedly interesting conversation about life and the universe, then went our separate ways. I like sharing those kind of moments with strangers and I’m confident I’d have a lot less of them without the help of sparkles.

When I put highlighter on my cheekbones in the morning I feel like I’m putting on really pretty luminescent war paint that helps mentally prepare me to fend off rogue cat callers and incompetent journalism school profs.

If you’ve decided that glitter is seriously lacking from your life but aren’t sure how to fix that, I say start small! Paint one nail, bedazzle a lighter, sprinkle some loose glitter inside your shoes, or kiss someone (consensually!) who’s wearing highlighter so it’ll transfer to your face, whatever you do just sparkle like the star I know you are!