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Pick of the Week: Aesthetic Evening of Serge Gainsbourg’s Music on Tuesday Night

Graphic Breea Kobernick

Dancing, wellness, Christmas market: I’ve packed it all into this week’s fringe cal.

Wednesday, Nov. 27
The rule is: on Wednesday, no house, no techno. Go to Datcha to see what the DJs have to offer.

Thursday, Nov. 28
Ursa is Martha Wainwright’s space on Parc Ave. Take it easy with an evening of readings with Marie Lopez, Sara Sutterlin, Kalale Dalton, Justice Thelot, and Olivia Wood.

Extra event
Later, save a little and head to Unity: there is no cover on Thursday.

Friday, Nov. 29
Are you dying to tell that crunchy dating story to an audience itching to hear it? Head to the Story Party on Friday.

Saturday, Nov. 30
Learn all about bitter plants for wellness at this beautiful afternoon workshop. You deserve the time off and to take care of yourself.

Sunday, Dec. 1
We all need to leave Montreal from time to time. Let yourself be transported to a quaint European town with this charming Christmas market in the heart of Old Montreal.

Monday, Dec. 2
Cabaret Mado is bringing stand-up comedy to the Gay Village on Monday with its evening PROVOCANTE!.

Tuesday, Dec. 3
Serge Gainsbourg’s early music will be echoing in Quai des Brumes. You might crave a cigarette after, but you’ll definitely have an atmospheric night.