FASA passes vote to strike

Over 3,000 fine arts students will go on strike from Jan. 31 to Feb. 2

On Jan. 24, during a Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA)  special general meeting (SGM), over 100 fine arts students voted in favour of going on strike.

The vote ensures that over 3,000 fine arts students are going on strike from Jan. 31 to Feb.2. 

The strike would be a direct response to the Coalition Avenir Québec’s (CAQ) tuition increases for out-of-province and international students, which the provincial government originally presented in October 2023. 

During the SGM, Fine Arts Student Alliance Mobilization Committee (FASAMOB) member Isabella Providenti explained the importance of striking. “Going on strike as a student, as a faculty, is a big sign in the direction that we will not stand for tuition hikes, won't stand for austerity measures that promote elitism and price students out of their schooling,” she said. 

In between speeches from Chairperson Angelica Antonakopoulos and FASA organizers, fine arts students took turns to ask questions and voice their support for the strike. 

During an informational point, Antonakopoulos affirmed to students that faculty members and professors across the fine arts department have voiced their support for striking and have been sympathetic toward students. 

Towards the end of the SGM, FASA confirmed that, if the three-day strike didn’t make enough impact, the alliance would be ready to go to a general unlimited strike.