Don’t @ me: We shouldn’t be going on vacation

I’m tempted to travel, but I don’t want to catch COVID-19

We might be tempted to get back into traveling but COVID is still getting in our way. Photo by Olivia Integlia

When browsing through social media, it is impossible to miss the photos of people traveling throughout the summer.

After two years of not vacationing, it’s refreshing to see people get back to a normal place. Since COVID-19 measures are more relaxed, taking a trip is now possible. Despite the virus, I like to think that I’m responsible enough to decide when I would feel safe to travel again.

Although cases are still high, there are resources available to protect ourselves against the virus. There are measures being taken, like a new antiviral pill against COVID-19, to ensure everyone’s safety, including that of travelers. Despite the efforts we’ve made to protect ourselves, there seems to be no definite end. The pandemic is ongoing. It’s almost as if this will forever be our new normal. So is it okay to vacation in the near future, as we are at the peak of the seventh wave? That is debatable.

After all that we’ve been through, it does not hurt to wonder if a vacation is worth the risk. The government is already not as accommodating to the population with health restrictions concerning the seventh wave. There are currently little to no measures for returning travelers. There is a high risk for exposure, potentially leading to a spike in cases. I am not yet ready to risk it.

We are all different though. Some people might say that there is a risk of catching the virus no matter where they are. Although I think this is true, it ultimately depends on the individual and their comfort level with the virus. Were it not for COVID-19; I would be excited to travel. For now, though, I think we still need to be cautious given that cases are continuously on the rise. I prefer to wait a little longer than risk the health of others.