CSU Increases CEO Honorarium from $9,000 to $13,000

CEO Exceeds Budget Due to Additional Tasks

The CSU raised the CEO budget from $9,000 to $13,000 after additional time sheets were handed in, exceeding the initial budget. File Photo Brian Lapuz

The Chief Electoral Officer’s honorarium has been raised to $13,000 after surpassing the budget this year.

The motion was passed at the CSU’s council meeting on April 11, approving the budget raise from $9,000 when the CEO, Nicholas Roberts, submitted a time sheet with additional hours, after the pay period ended on March 18.

The CEO reached $8,035.50 by the time the pay period ended, but handed in time sheets with the additional hours totalling to $2,904. This would surpass the CSU’s initial budget for a total of $10,939.50.

The additional hours were flagged by the CSU’s accountant and brought forth to council by the CSU’s Finance Coordinator Kamden Biggart.

“There was [an] increase because we knew that it was going to be exceeded and there was still tasks that had to be done,” said Biggart. “Based on his report he had more work to do than what was budgeted for.”

Roberts submitted a report to clarify why he had to go over his hours.

Roberts stated that during CSU elections he had two Deputy Electoral Officer’s help in the organization and implementation of the elections, but one of the DEO’s, Harjot Singh, was unavailable throughout majority of the election process.

“Harjot worked as a DEO during the by-elections, therefore he was experienced with important parts of the electoral process, such as what was needed to be done during polling or ballot counting,” read Roberts’ report.

He also outlined that keeping Singh as a DEO meant avoiding “certain technical or coordination problems,” in hiring and training a new DEO.

Roberts also listed additional tasks were split between him and the other DEO, Jaskaran Singh, that “required a great deal of time,” such as hiring and interviewing polling clerks and ballot counters.

He also highlighted postering under the additional tasks as well as responding to complaints.

“The number of teams we had in this election was greater than previous elections, and therefore involved more complaints between candidates,” read the report.

The size of the election compared to previous years, according to Roberts’ report, was also a reason for the budget being exceeded. He stated that this years General Elections involved more advertising, as well as having two debates instead of one and a higher rate of participation.

Roberts added that there were three executive teams as opposed to two in the previous year. He continued that there was a total of 59 candidates with approximately 25 per cent increase in voter turnout.

He also listed other “major tasks” that needed to be completed, that would total to an additional 40 hours.

The CSU’s AGM is set to be held on Monday April 30 at 6 P.M.