CSU Clubs Budget Released

Graphic Julia Wolfe

Concordia’s 61 clubs found themselves a little richer on Oct. 15, as the $92,000 clubs budget was released.

Each club’s share is determined by the Clubs and Space Committee, chaired by CSU VP Clubs and Outreach Ramy Khoriarty, and made up of four CSU councillors and one student-at-large.

“The five criteria are the budget request that each club puts online, the club’s level of activities and history, the club’s attendance at our events—which means if they come to the clubs fair, food festival, clubs orientation, stuff like that,” said Khoriarty. “There’s the awards they won last year, and the previous budget and spending. For example, if they had a budget of, let’s say $5,000, and they only used $2,000, it means they don’t have the $5,000 [in this year’s budget].”

The Muslim Students Association—which, for the third year in a row, will receive $8,000—has received the largest chunk of clubs funding.

Hillel, Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights and the Concordia Animal Rights Association will each receive $6,000.
Of the 61 clubs, two will be given no cash from the budget this year. The Russian Union of Students and Concordia Games Creators Club were denied funds due to a lack of activity.

“They both went inactive. It’s been three years [since they qualified under the terms of the CSU],” explained Khoriarty.
Despite the large number of clubs, the divvying up of the budget went off with only one minor hitch. The Turkish Students Association found itself taking a significant cut due to a clerical error.

“Their budget from the previous year was badly noted,” said Khoriarty. “It was written down as $500, when they actually had $900. We thought we increased it by $150 to $650, so they thought we were lowering it by $250. We are going to fix that, it should be increased to $1,050.”

The assortment of clubs range from political groups, such as the Concordia Liberals and Conservatives, to ethnic clubs, like the Concordian Italian and Irish Societies, to athletic organizations, like the Concordia Dodgeball League.