CSU announces fee-levy applicants

RCM talks by-elections, BoG and student engagement

Photo Ireland Compton

The Concordia Student Union (CSU) held its regular council meeting (RCM) on Oct. 25.

The meeting had 12 points on the agenda and discussed reports on the Fall Orientation, a fee-levy review, recommendations on appointment committees and a report on the university’s Board of Governors (BoG) meeting. 

The campaigning period for the CSU by-elections starts on Oct. 30 and ends on Nov. 6. During the RCM, the CSU announced the groups running for a fee-levy increase. Those running are the CSU Clubs Department, the Housing and Job Resource Centre (HOJO), Sustainable Concordia, The Link, and The Concordia Global Affairs Association.

Report on Fall Orientation 

The CSU’s orientation week was held from Sept. 5 to Sept. 15 and hosted a variety of events across both Concordia campuses. 

The CSU’s student life coordinator, Tanou Bah, broke down how orientation went, the students’ reception of the event and costs for both merchandise and the events themselves. 

According to the report, the CSU spent $47,186 on merchandise and $14,730 on the events. Collectively, the orientation cost was $61,916. 

The orientation was called “We Outside” and featured a BBQ, a coffee kiosk, paint and sip, club and community fairs, club and services fair, a bike tour, BuyPOC market and a few other events. 

BoG report 

The BoG is a senior governing body of the university tasked with legal and administrative responsibilities. The BoG consists of 25 voting members and one non-voting member. They meet once a month.

Harley Martin, the general coordinator of the union, introduced the BoG report, summarizing the key points from the board’s meeting. According to Martin, Concordia President Graham Carr discussed the university’s plan for funding, as well as reports on compliance with environmental legislation and health and safety regulations. The report also included a discussion on student engagement, which according to Carr has been good. 

The next BoG meeting is scheduled for Dec. 14. 

 Recommendations on appointment committees

The CSU has appointed several students to different student bodies. During the RCM, Martin announced those appointed: For the Mental Health Committee, Scott Guy, for the Judicial Board, Routh Sivagnanam. The Concordia Council on Student Life had three seats available and were filled by Charbel Hachem, Emma Girgis and Victoria Gorman.

The CSU also appointed Deep Patel, Niraj Dayanandan and Melissa Spiridigliozzi to the three available seats on the university Senate. Lastly, out of the 16 seats available on the Student Tribunal, six were filled by Mani Asadieraghi, Kiara Madison, Charbel Hachem, Aniket Galhotra, Yordanos Mengesha and Valerie Baker.