CSU Meeting Paused Due to Fire Hazard

Over 40 Fee-Levy Group Members Left Waiting in Hallway

Photo Sheena Macmillan

A Concordia Student Union council meeting screeched to a halt on Wednesday when a Concordia security guard ordered students to leave, as the room was overcrowded and breached fire safety codes.

“It’s bullshit,” said Paul Baloukas, from Concordia’s radio station, CJLO 1690 AM. “It’s ridiculous making us wait outside when you’re discussing something about us.”

At the time, council was discussing a motion regarding funding for the Arts and Science Federation of Associations.

Several members of ASFA were there to request funding from the CSU. The bulk of those in attendance were there to support a motion for consultations on the implementation of online fee-levy opt out.

During the ASFA presentation, a security guard entered asking people to leave as there were roughly 70 people in the room.

Over 40 students from fee-levy groups had to leave, crowding the hallway outside the conference room.

Fruit and vegetable platters were offered by External and Mobilization Coordinator Isaiah Joyner to those left waiting outside.

“We got kicked out because of a fire hazard, which makes total sense, but 34 people seems small for that room,” said Danny Gold, another member of CJLO.

At the start of the meeting, Caitlin Robinson, chairperson of the CSU, requested that the doors be kept clear. She asked people to step aside or leave the room.

Council meetings are usually held in a large conference room on the 14th floor in the John Molson building. According to security, the maximum capacity of the room is 34 people.

However, with 30 councillors, eight executive members, a minute-keeper, and a chairperson, the room in theory can’t even hold a full council meeting.

Updates to come.