Count on Your Concordia

I have so many hopes for Your Concordia and how they will change the history of the CSU. And I must say, Action has not shown me that they will bring any changes to Concordia other than the shuttle buses, already a promise that I know they cannot fulfill because it is ultimately up to the university, not the CSU.

Besides, driving around intoxicated students at 3 a.m. probably shouldn’t be on anybody’s list of priorities…
I do not see any enthusiasm in Action about actually making a change. It seems that they only care about the titles. All I see from them is good posters. They look good, but we want answers and what they have for us is not enough.

They don’t even know how to approach students. Once in a while one of them comes around and passes flyers and free pens, and I think: who is that? I look at the flyer and say, “Oh, he is THE President.” Then I wonder how a free pen is going to solve the problems that we are facing today.

We need active student leaders who can lead the university, not students who cannot even approach or communicate with those they are supposed to represent. I am afraid of what might happen if students make the wrong decision and put critical matters into the wrong hands.

On the other hand, we have Your Concordia and they are nothing like the blue team. They are so approachable, so passionate about what they are doing; they encourage student involvement, and get this, they ask for students’ opinions. They take the time to sit down with individual students and engage in meaningful conversation. They listen to our concerns and give honest responses about what the CSU can do for us. I have never seen any student body working so hard like this and it shows that they are going to do what they say. I know it.

There is no other team that can be better for CSU other than Your Concordia. I have to say they have convinced me to the limit where I feel extremely proud to be a Concordia University student.

So when you go out to vote this week, vote for a team that cares about us, a team of people we can count on and trust! Vote for Your Concordia! I certainly will.

—Shaima Shoaib,

This article originally appeared in The Link Volume 31, Issue 28, published March 29, 2011.

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