Concordia Resources

Graphic Laura Lalonde

Birks Student Service Centre: Located on the ground floor of Concordia’s downtown campus library, the Birks Student Service Centre is your go-to place for making tuition payments, renewing your student ID card and gathering official transcripts.
Room LB-185

Student Success Centre: Why else did you come to university? For success, right? Exactly. The Student Success Centre is the place to go to ensure you’re prepared for your academic year. Offering tutoring services and staffed with students to help answer your questions, the SSC will help you adjust to your new school, and put you on the path towards success.

Shuttle Bus Service: Having your classes split between campuses can be a gift and a curse. Luckily, Concordia’s shuttle bus system is here to ease the pain. You can hop on a shuttle every 15 minutes travelling between the Loyola and Sir George Williams campuses. The shuttle only takes 20 minutes, but cross your fingers that it doesn’t fill up and force you to bump and grind the unfortunate stranger next to you.
The shuttle picks up and drops off in front of the Hall Building and by Loyola’s main gate.

Concordia Community Solidarity Co-op Bookstore: Disenchanted by the $60 price tag on your Research Methods textbook? Have no fear, second-hand options are here! Stop in to the Co-Op Bookstore, and pray that the book you’re in search of is there. If you decide to take out a membership with the bookstore, you will receive an additional discount on all future purchases. Additionally, the lines are never as long as those in the LB building.
2150 Bishop St.

Financial Aid and Awards Offices:
Broke? Need some advice on how to get the best bang out of your buck? The Financial Aid and Awards Office is here for you. Located in the GM building, the Financial Aid and Awards Office is your go-to place for advice on bursaries, scholarships, and federal and provincial student loans.
Room GM-230

CSU Legal Information Clinic: Caught shoplifting? Wrongfully accused of jaywalking? Stop in to the Legal Information Clinic to help you better understand the laws surrounding your case. Keep in mind that you only receive information and referrals, and not legal advice, at the centre.
Room H-731

CSU Health and Dental Plan: Have your pearly whites turned coffee brown? Is that cavity growing big enough to host a small party? No worries, the CSU Health and Dental Plan has you covered—literally. You automatically pay the $190 fee each year (which you can opt out of between Sept. 2-23), so you may as well get some work done on your chompers before you graduate.
Visit for more information.

Health Services: Nothing is worse than getting sick in the middle of exam period.  Luckily, Concordia has its own health clinic you can visit if you’re in need. With offices on both campuses, the clinic offers emergency services, mental health services, tests and immunizations, appointments and medical records.

Centre for Gender Advocacy: The Centre for Gender Advocacy is an independent, student-funded organization that seeks to promote gender equality and empowerment. The centre offers peer support, organizes campaigns, and offers services related to the promotion of safer sex.
2110 Mackay St.

Office of Rights and Responsibilities:
Have you been wronged? Your rights violated? Harassed? Discriminated against? If so, visit the Office of Rights and Responsibilities, where you can speak with a well-versed advisor and figure out what your rights are in regards to your situation.
Room GM-1120

The People’s Potato: Hungry? Low on cash? No worries, the People’s Potato has you covered. A collectively run soup kitchen, the People’s Potato offers a free, vegan lunch every weekday on the seventh floor of the Hall Building. Be sure to arrive around 12:30, as service generally begins at 12:45. The service runs on a first-come, first-served basis, and the lines are divided into two sections: one for those with their own food container, and one for those without. Don’t be disenchanted by the winding lineups, they generally move pretty quickly.
Hall Building, seventh floor

Student Emergency Food Fund: If the People’s Potato is not enough to get you through the day, and you just don’t have enough dough in the bank, check out the Emergency Food Fund for some food coupons and other goodies to get you through the day.
2090 Mackay St.

Food Bank: Occurring bi-weekly, a food bank is provided on the seventh floor of the Hall Building, where the People’s Potato takes place. All you have to do is wait in line and receive bags full of goodies. (Pro tip: bring a grocery bag or two!) The schedule is posted on the People’s Potato board outside of their kitchen.
Hall Building, seventh floor

Ombuds Office: If you feel you’ve been slighted by one of Concordia’s rules or policies, the Ombuds Office exists to counsel you on what options you can pursue. The office is both confidential and independent from the university, so you don’t have to worry about your complaints making their way back to the administration.
Room GM-1220

Sexual Assault Resource Centre:
Offering immediate support, general information and crisis information, the SARC is one of Concordia’s newest resources. The centre aims to help spread awareness of sexual assault by focusing on education and prevention.
Room GM-300.27

Housing and Jobs Office: HOJO is here to help you find a job, a place to live, and reinforce your rights as a tenant. Montreal is notorious for landlords trying to pull a fast one over their tenants—don’t let them get the upper hand!
Room H-260