Concordia 106, Lethbridge 59: Stingers Women’s Basketball Shoot Their Way to a Win

The Stingers Cruise Their Way to a Blowout Victory Over Lethbridge Pronghorns

  • The Stingers took the Lethbridge Pronghorns by storm, beating them an impressive 106-59 in their final non-conference game. File Photo Daren Zomerman

The Stingers wrapped up their first preseason win in style. The visiting Lethbridge Pronghorns were run out of the building in a 106-59 rout by Concordia.

The team started the game with a fierce defensive mindset resulting in an early 12-3 lead for Concordia in the first quarter.

“I have to give full credit to Concordia, their defensive aggressiveness really took us out of our flow and comfort,” said Lethbridge head coach Dave Adams.

Lethbridge’s lack of defense at the beginning of the game was a major blow to their team’s performance. The visitors allowed easy shots and gave the Stingers plenty of momentum in the game’s early moments.

Concordia’s aggressiveness showed throughout the first half, with the team accumulating ten steals and leading 58-32 at the end of the first half of play. The constant pressure from the Stingers kept them ahead of their opponents all night.

“Overall [I’m] very pleased with our performance, especially on the defensive end,” said Stingers head coach Tenicha Gittens.

The standout performance came from Stingers guard Caroline Task who had the hot hand at the three point line. The third-year Stinger buried seven of her nine three-point attempts and finished the game with 29 points and four rebounds.

“I feel like my teammates trust me a lot and for them to give me the ball all the time, I feel confident that I’m going to knock it down,” said Task.

This is not an uncommon performance for Caroline Task. Her teammates and coach are used to her being a force not only in-game, but at practice as well.

“You would not know if it was a game or if it was practice,” said Gittens, describing Task’s high level of competition.

Task’s intensity and production were a major part of the blowout, and Lethbridge certainly understand they were blown out.

“The first three quarters, we didn’t even look like we had a defence,” said Adams.

The Stingers’ success from beyond the arch in particular served as a backbreaker for Lethbridge.
“Three pointers were crucial especially [for] Concordia. They made so many three pointers and I think more than three of their players shot more than 50 per cent,” said Lethbridge guard Asnate Fomina.

Fomina and her team managed one final surge against Concordia as the game drew to a close.

The Pronghorns managed to outscore the Stingers 14-13 in the fourth quarter but unfortunately for them it was too little too late. Despite the heavy loss, Adams noted that he liked his team’s final frame as an upside to the game.

“The big takeaway for us is to build on the fourth quarter and get better,” said Adams.

His team knows that there needs to be improvement on both sides of the ball, according to Fomina.

From here, the Stingers now move on to the upcoming Concordia Classic tournament that they will be hosting the weekend of Oct. 5.

The team opens that tournament against the Memorial Seahawks Oct. 5 at 5 p.m.

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