ASSÉ Congress to Discuss Possible Strike Postponement

A decision to reorganize the current student strike till the Fall is expected to be debated at the Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante (ASSÉ) Congress this weekend.

In a letter of “reflection” from the five-person executive team, ASSÉ discussed the idea of a “strategic withdrawal” from the Spring 2015 movement to coincide with possible future labour union strikes in the Fall.

Camille Godbout, ASSE Secretary of internal relations, says that the strike postponement is strategic, with the goal of creating a “long-term plan.”

“The strike is going to go as long as what people want it go,” Godbout told The Link. “We’re not going to restrain anyone who wants to strike.”

Regardless of a decision, ASSÉ will continue to support the local student unions with their respective strike mandates. The possibility of matching labour union strikes goes beyond student demands, she continues.

“The question right now isn’t about postponing or stopping,” she said. “We’re right now in the midst of a strike.”

The letter has no impact on the current movement, according to Sannie Poirier, a member of Comité Printemps 2015. She says the letter probably wasn’t meant to be released to the press.

“We definitely have a plan to keep the pressure on all the way to May 1,” she told The Link.

The ASSÉ executive team has no decision-making power, Poirier says, and adds that their role is to uphold the mandates they’re given through general assemblies and Congresses.

Any member of ASSÉ, including the executives, can propose a motion to Congress, but executives cannot vote. Godbout says they intend to bring it up to encourage debate.

Many delegates of ASSÉ, who are active members in Comité Printemps 2015, will be attending the Congress, according to Poirier.

She says “dozens” of local unions in the education and healthcare sectors who have yet to vote on a strike will have assemblies in the upcoming days.