ASFA Election Results: Hamza Muhammad Elected General Coordinator

Majority of ‘About Time’ Slate Members Elected

Courtesy ASFA

The Arts and Sciences Federations of Associations posted their election results on Friday afternoon after three days of polling. Independent candidate Hamza Muhammad was elected to the role of general coordinator, beating out Megan Grigg from the About Time slate 422 votes to 326 with 96 abstentions.

About Time went on to secure five of the six remaining positions with Phoebe Lamb (385) beating out independent candidate Bryan Lee (339) and 120 abstentions in the only other contested position.

Ashley Torres (649) was elected finance coordinator with 195 abstaining, Emma Mason (682) was elected internal coordinator with 162 abstentions, Payton Mitchell (664) was elected mobilization coordinator with 180 abstentions, and Carmen Milne (679) was elected communications coordinator with 165 abstentions.

The only student running for independent councillor was Navleen Kaur who secured 617 votes with 227 abstentions.

In total, there were 844 votes cast, up from the 541 ballots in 2019.

General Coordinator:
Hamza Muhammad (422) ELECTED
Megan Grigg (326)
Abstain: 96

Academic Coordinator:
Phoebe Lamb (385) ELECTED
Bryan Lee (339)
Abstain: 120

Finance Coordinator
Ashley Torres (649) ELECTED
Abstain: 195

Internal Coordinator
Emma Mason (682) ELECTED
Abstain: 162

Mobilization Coordinator
Payton Mitchell (664) ELECTED
Abstain: 180

Communications Coordinator
Carmen Milne (679) ELECTED
Abstain: 165

Independent Councillor:
Navleen Kaur (617) ELECTED
Abstain: 227