A Guide to Concordia’s Student Clubs

Get Started on Discovering Concordia’s Finest Student Groups

Illustration by Julian Bata. Photo by Brian Lapuz.

As any fun-loving, hip, in-the-know Concordia student would tell you, university is the place to find your people. The kind of people who get you, the ones who won’t scoff at your love for dodgeball or slightly outdated passion for Pokémon. Folks, it’s time to find your clubs.

Concordia E-Sports Association

Gamers unite! Hosting competitive e-sporting events and casual gaming sessions are the Concordia E-sports Association’s specialty. While they’ve had a big focus on competitive gaming in the past, the 2017-2018 will be a year of more amateur events. They hold their own tournaments and events, and compete in local and international competitions.

The Muslim Students Association

In case the name doesn’t give it away, this club is geared towards Muslim students, but many of their activities are open to all. The MSA can organize a horseback riding, snowboarding, and barbecuing road trip like nobody’s business.

They also organize Islam Awareness Week, a bi-annual event with tons of activities to clarify misconceptions about Islam.

Autodidacts Concordia Theater Club

Whether you’re a theatre amateur or centre-stage professional, ACT Club wants your enthusiasm and creativity! Aside from writing and producing their own shows, they also host acting workshops and improv sessions. The club is open to students of all faculties and levels of experience. They also host open auditions for their shows, so everyone is welcome.

Upstarters Concordia Entrepreneurship Club

Upstarters is only two years old. They host events and set up students with resources to put their business dreams into action. The club has an ongoing partnership with District 3, a Concordia-supported entrepreneurship workshop. Together, they host a six-week startup training program that features professional entrepreneur panels, workshops and activities.

African Students’Association of Concordia

Here is your chance to get educated about Africa’s many cultures, or find your home away from home as a student of African descent. Open to all, the ASAC does everything from organizing academic events to radical dance parties. Last year they were named the best cultural club by the Concordia Student Union.

Concordia Outdoors

Get ready for all the outdoorsy-ness that you can handle! Hiking, swimming, exploring, and all things nature await for students and non-students alike. If camping under the stars, weekly group runs, and endless road trips are what you’re looking for, this is the one for you.

Concordia Dodgeball League

If a deep-rooted love for competitive ball-throwing has remained in your soul since your high school gym class days, this is the club for you. With organized games every weekend, members enjoy the dodgeball sessions so much that even graduated students keep coming back for games.

Concordia Games Club

Love board games? So do the members of the Concordia Games Club. They’re one of the oldest clubs at school and host weekly gaming get-togethers every week at the Loyola campus. They’ve got an impressive vintage board game collection which they add to every year, too.

Concordia Ski and Snowboard Club

Get your snowsuit on and your skis ready! The CSSC is another great club for enjoying the frosty outdoors. During the winter, they plan frequent trips to slopes for discount rates. And if you’re more of a party person, they throw some pretty dope get-togethers.