Happy New Fringe Calendar

2020: Also Happy New Quear

Graphic Breea Kobernick

In this first fringe calendar of the decade, I convince you to spend more time indoors during this beautiful magical enchanting season.

Wednesday, Jan. 8
On Wednesdays at Datcha, the rule is no house and no techno. Go see what Blessed Gotti & 100% Broke have to offer.

Thursday, Jan. 9
It’s going to be David-Bowie-everything at Rockette bar. Expect music, Bowie cocktails (including a free shot if you dress up according to the theme) and videos. No cover.

Friday, Jan. 10
The inclusive WLW dance party BLUSH is back, and this time boasting performances by the best queer rappers of Montreal.

Saturday, Jan. 11
I hope you danced your heart out on New Year’s Eve but if you didn’t, this hip hop/R&B/90s/early 2000 night at Groove Nation will make up for it.

Sunday, Jan. 12
On Sunday, go to Blue Dog for the comedy show and stay for the free pancakes.

Monday, Jan. 13
Why be inside and do literally anything else than being snowed on when you can be outside and freeze with TOHU!!! Between January and March, you can borrow from them cross-country skis and snowshoes free of charge, and go on excursions around Montreal.

Tuesday, Jan. 14
One of the activities you can do inside is this weekly life drawing event at Gallery Parfois. Expand your horizons in 2020 and maybe pick up an easel?