Hundreds gather for trans day of vengeance

Montreal’s queer community united against Quebec’s transphobia

Around 700 people gathered on March 31. Photo Andraé Lerone Lewis

On March 31, around 700 demonstrators marched from 600 Fullum St. through downtown Montreal, donned in transgender and non-binary colours.

The protest was organized by the group Nous ne serons pas sages, and dubbed the “trans day of vengeance.” The group’s name is a play on words on the Coalition Avenir Québec’s (CAQ) “comité des sages,” or wise men committee. 

In light of trans visibility day, various transgender, queer, and allied people demanded the axing of the committee, meant to advise the provincial government on gender-related topics. 

Protesters denounced the CAQ wise-men committee and asked for its dissolution. Photo Andraé Lerone Lewis

Protesters denounced that the committee does not include a gender-diverse person, and that subsequently, the decisions carried out aren’t representative of the genderqueer community in Montreal. 

One speaker cried out, “In creating this committee, the CAQ enables the latest wave of transphobia that has been rising everywhere around the world.”

Transgender and genderqueer people and allies were united under the fight against province-wide transphobia. Photo Andraé Lerone Lewis

The protest made a stop next to the Radio-Canada offices, where attendees expressed their frustration against the “Trans Express” documentary that aired on Feb. 29. The video has received nationwide backlash for its transphobic messages, such as calling young trans men who seek out gender-affirming care “little girls who often struggle with mental illness.”

Demonstrators held signs reading “Transphobia kills,” and “No discussion on trans people without trans people” while chanting “Everyone hates transphobes.” 

TERFs, trans-exclusionary radical feminists, oppose trans inclusivity. Photo Andraé Lerone Lewis

This article originally appeared in Volume 44, Issue 13, published April 2, 2024.