Stream: Arcade Fire’s Double LP Reflektor

After some serious inner reflection, Arcade Fire has released their newest album, Reflektor, five days ahead of the date it was set to drop worldwide.

Originally set for release on Oct. 29, Montreal’s indie royalty made the choice to leak the album themselves, making it available for streaming on YouTube.

The decision was reportedly made after early sales of the album in Europe lead to the unstoppable leaks all over the Internet.

Reflektor is a double album, and the band’s fourth studio album to date.

It’s been eagerly anticipated since recording began in 2011, moving around to multiple locations such as Louisiana and Jamaica.

The music is supposedly influenced by Haitian music, as well as Black Orpheus, a 1959 film that reimagines the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice during Carnaval in Rio De Janeiro.

Clips of the film play throughout the YouTube stream of the record.

Click below to stream the album, and stay tuned for our pending album review!

UPDATE: The audio has been removed from the YouTube video.

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