Read The Link on iPads… at the Library!

  • Photo Erin Sparks

Concordia Libraries inaugurated an iPad loan service on Oct. 20. The service allows any Concordia student, faculty member or staff, provided they don’t have any unpaid library fees over $5.00, to borrow iPads for a three-day period. There are currently 20 tablets available at the downtown library, and 5 at Loyola.

You can install all the apps you want, provided you have an iTunes account, but—even more exciting—you can read The Link on it! While, the paper version is already beautiful, on an iPad, it’s truly magical. Articles, info-graphics, photos and the overall design of the paper look beautiful on the glossy, 9” screen.

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To check the availability of iPads, click here

Pierre Chauvin
Community Editor

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