P-6 Protest at City Hall

On April 23, around 50 protesters gathered at Montreal’s City Hall for a second day in a row to witness council vote on the controversial bylaw P-6.

The bylaw bans protesters from wearing masks, and requires the demonstration’s route to be submitted 24 hours in advance.

Ultimately, councillors voted to keep the bylaw as is.

Many cheered, booed and blew horns as they watched the debate on a projector screen outside the council chambers, while other protesters stood close to the speakers to hear the councillor’s arguments.

Projet Montréal councillor Alex Norris proposed the motion to repeal the section banning people from wearing masks at an illegal demonstration and the section requiring the disclosure of a protest route. The latter is responsible for the detention and ticketing of hundreds of protesters this spring. Those ticketed face a fine of $637.

Norris’s motion was defeated by a vote of 34 to 25.

The amendments to bylaw P-6 in question were voted during last year’s Quebec student strike, but were not enforced until this year.


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