Our Lego Cover Isn’t a Stock Photo


We had just sent our cover to the printers, and the first thing I said was “Shit, people are going to think this is a stock photo” (which, it turns out, they did). So I guess we should explain how we did it.

The creative team brainstormed and tested multiple ideas, and finally settled on an exploding Lego tower.

We dropped batteries from the sky to see if we could get a fast enough shutter speed to make sure the Lego wouldn’t look blurry. It sort of worked, but we knew it wouldn’t have the desired effect.

The second idea, which required more work, was to glue the objects to a stick, or bendy straws, and position them exactly where we wanted. We went with that.

The last step was to edit the photo and get rid of the straws.

And finally, just for the heck of it, we built our logo out of Lego as well.

Peace, yo. If you need me, I’ll be building my face out of Lego.

-Clément Liu
Creative Director

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