Masthead elections 2022: Who’s running and how to vote on March 17

The Link's general election will take place March 17 at 4 p.m. over Zoom and in our H-645 office. Applications will be accepted until Wednesday, March 16, 11:59 p.m. Details about the application process can be found here.

Here's who's running and how to vote:

Mariana Chajon Oliveros
Gabriela Vasquez-Rondon

Coordinating Editor
Mohammad Khan

Managing Editor

Features Editor
Dexter Pahmer-Williams

Co-news Editor (2)
Allyson Brownie
Marianne Liendo-Dufort
Zachary Fortier

Opinions Editor
Olivia Integlia

Copy Editor
Mariana Chajon Oliveros
Gabriela Vasquez-Rondon

Fringe Arts Editor
Jaime Kerr

Sports Editor
Conor Tomalty

Creative Director
Stella Mazurek

Photo Editor

Video Editor
Aude Simon

Graphics Editor

Community Editor
Sophie Dufresne

All candidacy packages can be viewed here. Voters are encouraged to read these ahead of time.

All staff members can vote in the election. Anyone can attend, but participants must register to The Link's contributors emailing list to recieve the Zoom link.

Who’s eligible to apply and vote: Sheena Macmillan, Elias Grigoriadis, Nanor Froundjian, Stella Mazurek, Jaime Kerr, Mohammad Khan, Mariana Chajon Oliveros, Olivia Piché, Gabriela Vasquez-Rondon, Caroline Marsh, Aude Simon, Joey Bruce, Reina Ephrahim, Zachary Fortier, Joe van Wonderen, Diane Yeung, Sophie Dufresne, Marianne Liendo-Dufort, Charlie-Yoko McDonald, Eva Wilson, Conor Tomalty, Eric Pahmer, Allyson Brownie, Olivia Integlia

One contribution needed to apply and vote: Amany Mohanna, Robyn Bell

Two contributions needed to apply and vote: Hannah Sabourin, Sara Elldabaa, Myrialine Catule, Alexa Toguri-Lauren, Hannah Tiongson, Anthony Issa

Three contributions needed to apply and vote: Amanda Teixeira, Maria Chabelnik, Dylan Buvat, Meghan Kerr, Talia Kliot, Thomas Quinn, Elisabeth Ndeffo, Remy Ros, Sruthi Matta, Yael Tobón Uribe, Micah Angell, Hanine El Mir, Delphine Belzile, Sun Noor, Alejandra Melian-Morse, Amber, Gabrielle Laperrière-Leblanc, Jack Denham, Jack Denham, Manjit Singh, Dinah Arzola-Martinez, Delaney Kelly, Elise Paré, Felix Muxwahl, Isabelle Avola, Ibrahim Mahmoud, Laurianne Tremblay, Samantha Lepine, Marie-Ève Ducharme

By-Election to be held Oct. 4 »

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