Call-Out: The Link’s February By-Election (Vol. 40)

If you would like to apply, drop off a letter explaining what you’ve got to bring to the team and attach samples of your best work for us on on the board in our main room, one week before the election at 4 p.m. on Feb. 4. The election will be held in our offices at 5 p.m. on Feb. 11.

Graphics Editor

Our magazine’s visual style relies heavily on the illustrations and graphic art we receive from Concordia artists. Our Graphics Editor will help in producing artwork for our magazine and articles for the web, and will also oversee a team of artists who will do the same.

Applicants who want to stay in their positions after March will need to run for re-election in the first week of March, when The Link will hold our annual general election.

Who’s eligible to apply and vote: Abegail Renaudo, Bree Rockbrand, Caroline Marsh, Cassidy Macdonald, Esteban Cuevas, Olivier Neven, Oseremen Irete, Marcus Bankuti, Ireland Compton, Dustin Kagan-Fleming, Olivier Cadotte, Erika Morris, Victoria Lamas, Nanor Froundjian, Caitlin Yardley, Breea Kobernick, Aysha White, April Tardif Levesque, John Ngala, Elias Grigoriadis, Nicolas Dundorf, Maxime Cadotte, Michelle Malnasi, Louis Pringle, Noemi Stella Mazurek, Rowan Kennedy, Joey Bruce

One contribution needed to apply and vote: Max Chorney, Jessica Lee,

Two contributions needed to apply and vote: Gabrielle Mulholland, Mila Gizli, Miriam Lafontaine, Samantha Candido, Sheida Shamloo, Theo Radomsky, Keeghan Rouleau, Aiden Locke

Three contributions needed to apply and vote: Ana Lucia Londono Flores, Angelina Kovacic, Betsy-May Smith, Carina Dumais, Chantal Marie, Caroline Tran, Chahinez Dib, Diamanta Lachapelle, Ion Etxebarria, Jessica Barille, Katharine Amyotte, Kayleigh Valentine, Lazaros Kalipolidis, Maggie McCutcheon, Marian Rebeiro, Naomi Goldberg, Olivier du Ruisseau, Olivier Laurin, Paul Newcombe, Paulina Dominguez, Skye Legault, Taliesen Herb, Valen Mamchur, Zoe Gelfant, Raguvarman Raguparan

For more information on the by-election or eligibility, please contact Ireland Compton at

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