Abandoned, Industrial Dystopia

The Factory is a massive, old, abandoned 5-story paper mill that burned down decades ago and has since been claimed by graffiti artists. The windows are smashed out and remain sooty from the fire. The ground is littered with rusted, empty spray cans by the hundreds. The tired, ugly Factory has become the backdrop for a colourful plethora of art pieces.

Cops rarely, if ever, go to the Factory. It is not worth their time. Many locals don’t even know about it. The building is close to the downtown metro station Lionel Groux. Pass under freeways, through fences and walk a mile through a construction wasteland, park aides and empty lots to access it- past junkies and tradesmen and artists.

Last time I was there in the summer there was a nude soft porn-shoot taking place as we drank white wine on the rooftop. There is an ominous, illegal ethos about the Factory. It is an urban paradise, an industrial dystopia.

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