A F-ABBA-lous Evening at the Wiggle Room

As soon as you open the door to the Wiggle Room bar, you are immediately hit with the sound
of disco classics; from Michael Jackson’s Blame it on the Boogie to Daddy Cool by Boney M. The space is filled with that warmhearted atmosphere that puts you in a dancing mood before the event’s even begun. A hostess takes you to your table where a charismatic waitress explains your drink specials as she bops along to the music. Yes, this was the perfect place to hold fABBAlesque!

A burlesque drag show with an entirely ABBA score, fABBAlesque! burst forth from the Wiggle Room over the weekend.

At one point during the night, host Ana La Sabrosa announced to the crowd that there was a bachelorette party going on before inviting said bachelorette onstage for a boob shot. Something our gracious hostess said was “a tradition at the Wiggle Room.”

Between each musical skit, La Sabrosa, alongside her stage companion Heaven Genderfuck,
would crack saucy remarks to match her character. With each interlude, she would pump the crowd for their next performer, integrating the title of the upcoming song into her speech every now and again.

With performances by drag sensation Dot Dot Dot (performing S.O.S. ), Uma Gahd (catcalling the crowd as she pranced along to Thank You for the Music in glamorous fashion) and even a sultry yet graceful ‘boylesque’ performance by one Tristan Ginger, backed by Gimme Gimme Gimme.

Some performers sang along to their numbers while others only danced and lip synched, but each erected a hugely theatrical performance in line with their individual characters. Performer Crystal Slippers had a kind of ‘prom queen’ look to her, so naturally she performed a raunchy number to Honey Honey along with Tristan Ginger, dressed as a bookish Academia type, complete with cardigan sweater and sequin pasties.

There were many other talented performers, the hostess included, as well as Mikki Michelle
from Viva Diverse Productions, who produced fABBAlesque.

All in all, the boyesque was a success, followed up by a raunchy afterparty. Most of The Wiggle Room’s patrons were only too excited to keep the show going.

If you missed fABBAlesque, don’t fret—the Wiggle Room hosts a variety of cabaret and burlesque shows every Wednesday, called Voix de Ville, which are sure to quench your thirst for the perverse.

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