A 30th Un-Birthday at the Wiggle Room

An invitation to attend a mad tea party has been graciously extended to the city of Montreal, as the Wiggle Room bar is once again getting ready to premiere an explosive burlesque show. A 30th birthday party for Viva Diverse Production’s producer and songstress, Mikki Michelle, will be celebrated in style with an Alice in Wonderland themed burlesque show, Through the Looking Glass.

The Link sat down with Mikki herself, who was more than happy to tell all about the upcoming event and the company. Viva Diverse, big on cabaret and burlesque, promotes artists as they are. “We’re giving them a chance to showcase what they’ve got,” Michelle explained. “I feel like a lot of artists are looked down upon and undervalued.” Michelle, originally from Australia, had only been living in Montreal for about 18 months before deciding to create a name for herself, thus beginning Viva Diverse.

Upon asking what kind of show viewers can expect from Through the Looking Glass, as Alice in Wonderland isn’t exactly a musical to begin with, Michelle explained that it would be a mix of things. “It’s primarily burlesque, but it’s also a variety show of sorts,” she said. “There will be a circus performer, a pianist and singing bit, a bit of drag as well, and a few other acts.”

Along with all of these performances, the birthday girl herself will be a part of the show with a singing piece of her own.

“Everyone’s very much in charge of their own act,” Michelle answered when asked about producing the show. “I’ve worked with some of these artists before, and I love them all; I know that they’re very professional and we can work well together, so rehearsals aren’t really necessary so long as they know what they’re doing. I’ll be structuring it, though, and we will have a run-through the day of.”

Michelle pointed out that there’s no particular audience group aimed for this show, it’s really just for anyone who enjoys a good time. “Pretty much anyone who’s interested in cabaret and the like.” With a hint of humor in her voice, she added, “But people should come, you know, because it’s also my birthday! If the show runs well and good, then that’s enough for me. If there are any birthday bonuses, then hey, even better!”

Having originally planned to make the show solely Mad Hatter themed, Michelle decided it was too limited and changed it to a full on Alice in Wonderland theme, including the rest of the colourful characters we know and love. “Alice is a childhood favourite, so I guess it’s a bit nostalgic,“ Michelle explained. “It will be a mix of the original Disney animation and the Tim Burton version.”

Through the Looking Glass will take place at the Wiggle Room bar on Friday, November 27. Doors will open at 7:30 p.m. and the show will officially begin at 9 p.m. You can order your tickets in advance for $20 or buy them at the door for $25. The event has its own Facebook page, or take a look online at www.wiggleroom.ca for more information on reservations and the like.

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