Michelle Pucci

  • Fringe Arts

    A Tribute to Leonard Cohen

    For those who can’t wait for Leonard Cohen’s homecoming performances next week—or can’t afford tickets to see the crooning poet live—his music will be performed by local musicians at one of the artist’s favourite eats, Bagel Etc.

  • Fringe Arts

    Celebrating Women in Music to Support Women in Need

    In celebration of local female musicians, and in an effort to support struggling women, Women in Music Montreal (WIMM) present their second showcase this Sunday at Les 3 Minots.

  • Opinions

    Heard in the Hall

    What sort of student spaces do you think Concordia is lacking?

  • Fringe Arts

    Evolving Black & Blue

    While many will spend their holiday weekend carving turkey, thousands will be hitting the dancefloor in Montreal for one of the biggest dance festivals in the country.

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    With their soon-to-be released fourth LP, The Sticks, Vancouver-based Mother Mother expands their repertoire of masterfully produced folk-based rock songs.