Your Concordia Has My Vote

I have never been interested in taking part in student elections—until this year.

I have felt personally affected by Your Concordia’s campaign and trust them to fulfill their promises. As well, as an art history student, I am glad to see a fine arts representative as part of the movement; something that Action lacks.

I completely support Concordia’s bottle-free campaign. Campaigners for Your Concordia have been more personable and approachable, and it is easy to see all of their colourful t-shirts moving around campus.

I have barely seen any Action representatives, especially in the EV Building where I attend all my classes.
Maybe Action has filled JMSB, but this does not count for the entire student body.

In fact, this to me says they are not representing the students well by only reaching out to a particular demographic of the Concordia population. Your Concordia, on the other hand, can be noticed all around campus—not just because of their colourful t-shirts, but because of their dynamic and engaging personalities from their desire to keep this school in the interests of its students.

Students should be comfortable in their environment.

Your Concordia representatives are personable, approachable and have my vote!

—Niki Kingsmill
Fine Arts

This article originally appeared in The Link Volume 31, Issue 28, published March 29, 2011.

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