Where Are the Resources ?

Concordia security services :
Call 514-848-3717 for 24-hour safe-walk services anywhere on both campuses. CSS also hosts ConU’s lost and found. Go to security.concordia.ca for a list of lost and found locations and for all other services provided by CSS.

Concordia’s digital stores :
For all your printing, copying, scanning, etc. needs, visit digitalstore.concordia.ca/, or the digital stores at Loyola in room CJ-1.422 and at SGW in room LB-115.

Concordia computer stores :
For all your computer, computer accessories, and computer repair needs, visit ccs.concordia.ca/ or the computer stores at Loyola in room CJ-1.422 or at SGW in room H-224.

Concordia university bookstores :
The place to find all textbooks, course packs, Concordia swag, pens, pencils and piles of paper. The Bookstore will also buy your used books from you.
Visit the Bookstore at Loyola in room CJ-1.422 or at SGW in LB-103. Visit web2.concordia.ca/Bookstore to order your books online.

Co-op bookstore:
A “not-for-profit alternative to corporate bookstores” located at 2150 Bishop St. just up from the Hall Building. Memberships (which cost a one-time fee of $10) allow customers even greater benefits and discounts. The co-op also runs a consignment service for used books. Visit co-opbookstore.ca for more details.

Concordia student union :
The CSU is your source for student representation both on and off campus. Their reception office is located at SGW campus in room H-711. In addition to hosting events, they also provide a number of essential services, including:
The Housing and Jobs Office is located on the SGW campus in room H-260. They’re your source for all information on housing and employment. Whether you’re looking for housing or a job or are unsure if your landlord or boss is screwing you, go to the Hojo office or check out hojo.csu.qc.ca.

Legal information clinic:
The go-to centre for all of your law-related questions. Volunteer law students are on hand to provide information on immigration, consumer law and discrimination. (Note: they do not provide legal advice, only legal information.)Go to their office on the SGW campus in room H-731.

Csu Student Advocate Centre:
The CSU-SAC is the place to go if you have a grievance with something or someone within the university. Student advocates are on hand to inform you of your options and what you can do to take action. Visit their office on the SGW campus in room H-729 or their website at advocacy.csu.qc.ca/ for more information.

Csu health and dental plan:
All students are automatically registered for the health and dental plan through the CSU at a cost of $170. Check out ihaveaplan.ca to find out all of your benefits.
If you would like to opt out of the program and get your money back, you must do so between Sept. 7 and Sept. 20.

Csu inter-faculty book exchange:
Yet another source for you to sell your books—this time with no one getting between you and the buyer of the book. That means—you got it—more money for you!
The service is located online at bookx.csu.qc.ca or after Sept. 6, will be located in the 2nd floor Mezzanine in the Hall building at the SGW campus or in the Vanier Library atrium at Loyola campus.

Birks student centre of the office of the registrar:
A one-stop-shop for many vital services for every student at Concordia, located in the Library Building in room LB-185. Go to Birks to: get your student ID, obtain letter requests, pay tuition and process official transcript requests, among many other things.

Centre for native education
An on-campus centre for all Métis, First Nations, and Inuit students to go to for support before, during, and after their university experience.
Visit their office at in the Hall Building in room H-641 or check out their website at supportservices.concordia.ca/nativecentre.

Access Centre for Students with Disabilities
This centre exists to support all students with disabilities “to facilitate their right of access to educational opportunities and services as well as their integration into university life. Visit their office in the Hall Building in room H-580 or check out their website at supportservices.concordia.ca/disabilities.

International students office
A place for all international students to go for all their international-student needs. They are there to ensure the successful transition into Concordia and Montreal life.
Visit their office in the Hall Building in room H-653 or check out their website at supportservices.concordia.ca/iso.

Student Advocate Program
This program is set up to help students who are “facing charges under the ‘Academic Code of Conduct’ and the ‘Code of Rights and Responsibilities.’”
Visit their office at SGW in room H-645 or their website at supportservices.concordia.ca/studentadvocateprogram/.

Shuttle bus services:
To get back and forth between Loyola and SGW all you need is your student ID. Schedules are posted online and at each bus stop. The bus comes every 10-15 minutes during peak school hours, and takes 20-25 minutes to get from one campus to the other.

Office of rights & responsibilities
If you feel you’ve been the victim of harassment, discrimination (according to Quebec’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms), violence or theft, you may want to meet with one of their advisors. Visit their office in the Guy Metro Building in room GM-1120 or check out their website at rights.concordia.ca

Financial aid & awards offices
For all of your scholarship and bursary needs, visit their office in the Guy Metro Building in room GM-220.

Concordia counseling and development
Unsure of what you’d like to do when you’re finished at Concordia? Need help getting into the job market? Then check out the Career Resource Centre, located in the Hall Building in room H-440.

Counseling and psychological services
Professional counselors, psychotherapists and psychologists are available for free for you to speak with about any issues you’re dealing with. Students first go through a triage service so they can be placed with the person who best meets their needs. Visit their offices on the SGW campus in the Hall Building, room H-440 or at the Loyola campus in the Administration Building, room AD-103, or check out their website at counselling.concordia.ca.

Student Learning Services
If you want to learn the best studying techniques, how to stop procrastinating, how to prepare for exams and how to improve your writing skills, check out SLS. Their website (learning.concordia.ca) has information on all of their services, or you can visit their offices located in the Counseling and Development offices mentioned above.
new student program.This program is set up to offer first-year students all the help they need to have a successful first year at Concordia. The program is run out of the Student Success Centre.

Health services
If you need to see a doctor or nurse while at Concordia, visit the Health Services centres located on the SGW campus in room GM-200 or at Loyola in room AD-103-10. You can either make an appointment or go to the walk-in clinic. Head & Hands, not affiliated with Concordia, is another option for students who are looking for health care. They offer free walk-in clinics most Tuesday and Thursday nights. Check out their website at headandhands.ca for more information on all services they provide.

Ombuds office
If you have any problems with Concordia’s policies, rules or procedures, the Ombuds office is there for you. They are independent of the university, impartial and confidential.
Visit their office in the Guy Metro Bulding in room GM-600-42 or check out their website at concordia.ca/services/concerns.

Student emergency & food fund
Check out the Multi-Faith Chaplaincy’s office at 2090 Mackay St. if you need help making ends meet during the school year. The chaplaincy gives out gift cards to grocery stores to help you pay for food.

Cu student parents centre
If you’re both a student and a parent, then this is the resource for you. Check out their lounge, where you can do schoolwork, play with your child, find out about more resources available to you, or just relax. Visit their office at 1410 Guy St., room 24, or check out their website at cusp.concordia.ca/. Childcare is available on both campuses for students, faculty and staff. At SGW campus, visit 1185 St. Mathieu, GN-110. At Loyola, check out 3500-3502 Belmore street.

If you need tutoring while at Concordia, call the university at 514-848-2424 ext. 3517 or 4239 for a full list of tutors. Tutors are available at $20 an hour for a wide variety of subjects.

This article originally appeared in Volume 32, Issue 02, published September 6, 2011.