UPDATED: Unofficial CSU Elections Results Show Tight Race Between Slates

All Referendum Questions Pass

It was a close race this year, with a new Concordia Student Union executive team from both the _Embrace ConU_ and _Team Connect_ slates. Photo Tristan D’Amours

It was a close race this year, with a new Concordia Student Union executive team from both the Embrace ConU and Team Connect slates.

This article has been updated.

All seven referendum questions passed, according to unofficial results from the CSU Chief Electoral Officer, Stephani Moukhaiber. Quorum for the election was 450 people. According to Moukhaiber, there were 1076 voters this year. “[There was] 30 per cent participation from JMSB which was unheard of,” she added.

Because the margin of victory was less than 50 votes for many of the executive positions, there will be a recount of the votes, as per CSU Standing Regulations. Moukhabier said that she doesn’t know when this will take place because she is awaiting a response from the union’s Judicial Board. This is why, she said, that the results are unofficial.


General Coordinator:

Omar Riaz (Embrace ConU) – Elected
Yes: 333

Marcus Peters (Team Connect)
Yes: 325
Abstain: 180

Agunik Mamikonyan (Independent)
Yes: 122
Abstain: 179

Eddy Kara-Sarkissian (Team Unity)
Yes: 98
Abstain: 177

Finance Coordinator:

Soulaymane Al Alaoui (Embrace ConU) – Elected
Yes: 435

Thomas David-Bashore (Tean Connect)
Yes: 402
Abstain: 224

Academic and Advocacy Coordinator:

Asma Mushtaq (Team Connect) – Elected
Yes: 408

Carlos Vazquez (Embrace ConU)
Yes: 336
Abstain: 258

Loyola Coordinator:

Maria Gabriela Polanco (Embrace ConU) – Elected
Yes: 369

Alexander Milton (Team Connect)
Yes: 360
Abstain: 273

Clubs and Internal Affairs Coordinator:

Veronika Rydzewski (Team Connect) – Elected
Yes: 331

Emilie Leduc (Embrace ConU)
Yes: 327
Abstain: 209

Amina Chemssy (Team Unity)
Yes: 158
Abstain: 210

Student Life Coordinator:

Leyla Sutherland (Team Connect) – Elected
Yes: 412

D’Ante Hanna (Embrace ConU)
Yes: 349
Abstain: 272

External Affairs and Mobilization Coordinator:

Ahmed Badr (Embrace ConU) – Elected
Yes: 392

Mustafa Bokesmati (Team Connect)
Yes: 358
Abstain: 260

Sustainability Coordinator:

Devon Ellis-Durity (Team Connect) – Elected
Yes: 527
No: 89
Abstain: 330


Arts and Science

Rowan Gaudet
Yes: 240
No: 32
Abstain: 158

Julia Sutera Sardo
Yes: 224
No: 93
Abstain: 115

Aouatif Zebiri
Yes: 211
No: 48
Abstain: 152

Ali Sherra
Yes: 203
No: 39
Abstain: 175

Camille Thompson-Marchand
Yes: 197
No: 40
Abstain: 188

Charlotte Genest
Yes: 189
No: 44
Abstain: 181

Eamon Toohey
Yes: 189
No: 43
Abstain: 176

Jeremy Laxer
Yes: 185
No: 35
Abstain: 190

Tabea Vischer
Yes: 183
No: 36
Abstain: 184

Patrick H. Magallanes
Yes: 162
No: 54
Abstain: 188

John Molson School of Business

Dylan Applebaum
Yes: 218
No: 40
Abstain: 43

Rory Blaisdell
Yes: 130
No: 77
Abstain: 62

Engineering and Computer Science

Ahmed Jemma
Yes: 133
No: 24
Abstain: 46

Sally Younis
Yes: 124
No: 23
Abstain: 54

Khadidja Komah
Yes: 121
No: 27
Abstain: 53

Rim Hamila
Yes: 115
No: 27
Abstain: 47

Alienor Lougerstay
Yes: 69
No 35
Abstain: 68

Fine Arts

Mikaela Clark-Gardner
Yes: 34
No: 3
Abstain: 18

Peter Zhuang
Yes: 33
No: 4
Abstain 18


Engineering & Computer Science

Mohamed Allalou
Yes: 154
No: 18
Abstain: 59

John Molson School of Business

Evan Pitchie – Elected
Yes: 172
No: 57
Abstain: 27

Shaumia Suntharalingam
Yes: 155
No: 54
Abstain: 26

Referendum Questions

Non-Hierarchical Bylaw Changes—PASSED
Do you, as a member of the CSU, approve of the by-law changes that will render the executives to a more non-hierarchical structure?
Yes: 492
No: 203
Abstain: 382

Dish Project Fee-Levy—PASSED
Do you as a member of the CSU approve the transfer of $0.04 from the Student Space Accessible Education and Legal Contingency (SSAELC) fee to the CSU Operating fee to pay for the operations of the Dish Project, a student-run service at Concordia that provides free dishware to student and community-run events?
Yes: 503
No: 257
Abstain: 337

Fight for a Sanctuary Campus—PASSED
“Do you, as a Concordia undergraduate student, support Concordia University formally adopting a “Sanctuary Campus” status by not collaborating with the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), including but not limited to the sharing of any information on its current and past staff, faculty and students, or allowing CBSA on its premises, in order to protect undocumented community members from threat of deportation?”_
Yes: 565
No: 244

CUSACorp Bylaw Change—PASSED
“Be it resolved that the following question be passed through referendum at the upcoming CSU Annual Elections, in order to strike Special By-Law C, the Special By-Law pertaining to CUSACORP, from the CSU By-Law. CUSACORP was a subsidiary of the Concordia Student Union (CSU) as defined by Special By- Law C of the CSU By-Laws, it was dissolved in June 2016 and no longer exists. Do you as an undergraduate student approve to remove Special By-Law C from the CSU By-Laws?”
Yes: 343
Abstain: 574

Fee-Levy Reallocation—PASSED
“Do you as a member of the CSU approve of the following reorganization of fees currently levied by the CSU to all undergraduate students, effective for the Fall semester of 2017: A decrease in the CSU Clubs fee of $0.06 per credit, an increase in the CSU operating fee of $0.05 per credit, an increase in the undergraduate Housing and Job Bank (HOJO) fee of $0.03 per credit, an increase in the Advocacy fee of $0.02 per credit, and a decrease in the Student Space Accessible Education and Legal Contingency (SSAELC) fee of $0.04 per credit?”
Yes: 414
No: 321
Abstain: 285

Sustainable Curriculum – PASSED
“Do you, as a Concordia undergraduate student, mandate the Concordia Student Union to work with the Concordia University Administration towards integrating sustainability and Indigenous studies courses in all undergraduate programs?”
Yes: 621
No: 216
Abstain: 254

Greenhouse Fee-Levy – PASSED
“Do you agree to increase the fee levy of the Concordia Greenhouse by 12 cents per credit to a total of 24 cents per credit, effective Fall 2017?”
Yes: 495
No: 390
Abstain: 198

Correction: This article previously said that there were 1071 voters, not 1076. The Link regrets this error.