The VAV to Host Performance Art Evening

‘Unwind’ Will Explore Familiar Trajectories Into the Unknown

Courtesy Jane L. Kasowicz

The Visual Arts Visuels has been exhibiting a lot of pieces living on a wall or mounted on a base—on Monday, Feb. 18, they will host Unwind, a free show that will be a unique night of performance art.

From 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., the audience present, along with the artists, will experience and create throughout the evening. The physical remnants of the artistic performances, such as the result of artist Kelly Davis’ automatic writing and drawing session, will be exhibited until Feb. 22.

Technical coordinator Jane L. Kasowicz brought up the image of a spool of yarn unwinding, in relation to the title of the exhibit. “Seeing where it goes, the trajectories it takes,” she said, which is an appropriate metaphor for an exhibit set to feature art created in a span of four hours.

“Each [performance] makes a stimulating inquiry into familiar materials,” reads the show’s blurb. “The body becomes an instrument. Music and silence are translated into movement. The subconscious is written and the writing becomes drawing. Routine becomes uneasy. Pop songs give way to catharsis. Social space becomes the site of vulnerability.”

“Follow these trajectories into the unknown.”

Some events will be ongoing throughout the evening, such as Davis’ automatic drawing and writing performance, which will start at 5:30 p.m. At the gallery, the artist will get into a state that allows her to work, and keep going until she gets out of her zone, said Kasowicz.

Davis described her practice as embodied, and will be approaching Monday’s performance from the role of a conduit to “investigate deeper layers of the mind through acts of automatism and free association,” reads her statement. The resulting piece is to be titled, and will be exhibited until the end of the show, on Feb. 22.

Davis’ performance channels one meaning of unwinding—one that is evocative of events unfolding, and of following trajectories.

“The performance itself becomes part theatre, part voyeurism,” continues Davis’ statement, “with remnants both drawing and message. Working in states of self-induced hypnosis I will allow the hand to be the guide into the sub and unconscious realms while awake.”

Kassandra walters’ i’d like to be in my bed takes on a different interpretation of unwinding. The piece is about creating a safe space, explained Kasowicz. A makeshift bed will be set up in the VAV Gallery where people can rest and wear relaxation masks, participating in the performance.

“There is a personal connection between routine and mental health,” reads walters’ statement. “For myself the lack of routine means that my mental health is failing. Battling between feeling as though a regimented lifestyle is the best for my well being and unable to live in a structured way.”

“Creating a pseudo safe space with my bed sheet I am able to make the comfort I need to get through the day,” continues the statement.

Kasowicz explained that other performances will happen in 15 to 25 minutes increments throughout the night, exploring the themes of the body and spaces.

For more information about the performance, check out their event on Facebook.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that Unwind debuts on Feb. 19. In fact, the show debuts on Feb. 18. The Link regrets this error.