The Snooze Train

A Personal Guide Through all the Best Spots to Take a Nap at Concordia

A comfy couch and pillow are located in the Zen Den. Photo by Anthony Issa.

Concordia university spans an overwhelmingly large range of buildings and locations. I have done my best to explore in detail all the nooks and crannies to offer readers spots to relax or take a nap for newcomers disoriented by the layout of the university.

Let’s be real, school can be a real time-sinker; assignments sneak up on students all the time. You will at some point be pulling an all-nighter, maybe two, well, probably a month’s worth of all-nighters. 

I’m sure for first years, this can be daunting but worry not, for I am here to make sure all your slumber needs are met through my guide. Concordia definitely has amazing places for students to rest up and make sure they don’t entirely destroy their sleep schedules. 

John Molson School of Business

Beige sofas are located in the JSMB building. Photo by Anthony Issa.

JMSB hosts many floors but not much open space outside of classrooms. However, there are some areas ideal for nap time in case you need to catch a break from your many failed attempts at being a successful entrepreneur. 

On the third and fourth floors, there are a few sofas lying about. They are a bit bland in colour, well-worn with permanent butt marks etched onto the seating from years of use. They don’t feel particularly soft, but if you’re willing to get creative, you can turn these sofas into makeshift beds. Maybe make sure you bring a blanket and a pillow with you to ensure maximum comfort. 

JSMB also has many study rooms you can rent. If you have a couple of buddies and don’t mind ruining your back posture by napping seated upwards, this is an alternative way to catch a quick snooze. 

Zen Den

The Zen Den is a peaceful space to get some sleep. Photo by Anthony Issa.

I would also suggest that new students check out the Zen Den areas of the JSMB and MV buildings. These quiet rooms have nice couches, pillows and mats designed for mindfulness positivity. You can find these dens at MB 5285 and EV 2783.

The Libraries

The Friends of the Library is a quiet space to nap. Photo by Anthony Issa.

In my opinion, the best nap locations are definitely at the libraries located on both campuses. I personally prefer napping at the Webster library, but Vanier also has a decent selection of quiet spots to sleep. 

At the Webster Library, my new favourite spot to rest is now at the Friends of the Library lounge situated in room 361. A librarian recommended the spot as it's perfect for taking a break from the stressors of student life. 

It’s well-hidden from plain sight as you have to find it in the back corner near the washrooms but it’s worth your time if you can find it. The room is designated to keep noise to a minimum and because nobody goes there it’s perfect for a deep slumber. The room has pillowy chairs, some natural light and cushions. As an introvert, it is my official go-to place at SGW if I want to recharge my social batteries. 

Library cubicles offer enough privacy for a quick snooze. Photo by Anthony Issa.

Vanier is also an optimal spot as the desks have walls between each other giving you the privacy needed to either nap or have a good cry. 

The library also has group study rooms that make for optimal nap times. A bonus is the ability to turn off the lights and close the door leaving you in total darkness if that’s your preference to get some shut-eye. To access these rooms, you just need to make your way to the third floor via the stairs or elevator. 

SGW—Hall Building

There are several sofas to take a nap on the way to the Concordia’s greenhouse. Photo by Anthony Issa.

The Hall building is another ideal spot for nap time. There are guaranteed tables and comfortable chairs on almost every floor (you can even pass by The Link’s office to test out their amazing sofas). 

I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight Concordia’s greenhouse, which can be accessed from the 12th floor if you know where to go. As suggested in the name, it's an outdoor garden area at the top of Hall where you can literally smell the roses. 

While it doesn’t have the most comfortable places to sit or lie down, there are a couple of benches you could use for a nap. Just bring a blanket and let yourself slowly fall asleep as the sound of the water fountain melts away your academic anxiety. 


Bring a blanket to the Loyola campus for some shut-eye between classes. Photo by Anthony Issa.

Loyola campus is a big terrain with many disconnected buildings which can be puzzling. If you don’t feel like walking through a maze to make your way to the library for a nap, there are other options available. During the summer and fall semesters, there are plenty of spaces to lie down in the shade of a tree or sleep on a park bench. It's also a great space if you want to bring a blanket and lay on the ground. 

The Communications building is a good spot to take a nap. Photo by Anthony Issa.

When indoors, I find the Journalism and Communications building basement a well-rounded spot to take a quick rest. It’s got nice couches and it’s fairly quiet most of the time. 

There's also the science complex building subfloor which connects to the Communication building. If you find your way to the cafeteria then you can access some pretty nice tables and high chairs but fair warning it can get noisy. The spot is most ideal in the evening when the campus is quieter. Overall a decent place to crash after a 4-hour class. ​​

And there you have it, our nap sightseeing tour is complete. The first semester of university is often overwhelming but hopefully you can find some time to rest on campus after crunching through night-long study sessions.

This article originally appeared in Volume 43, Issue 1, published August 30, 2022.