The Race Issue

Graphic Elizabeth Xu

For people of colour, finding space in a white world is a constant struggle.

Whether physical or intangible, the white world has not accounted for the voices of marginalized racial groups. It’s impossible to be white and not to benefit from oppression; it’s impossible to be white and to not casually partake in racism. That’s the world we live in.

The media is no exception—too often, media outlets offer incomplete perspectives to an assumed all-white audience; everyone else is just an afterthought, or sometimes not even thought about at all.

We at The Link reject this standard, while acknowledging we are part of this problematic institution. We decided to produce this special issue to bring our publication into the conversation of race and offer an inclusive platform for writers most affected by its complications.

It hasn’t been a perfect process. This issue is by no means representative of all problems and stories relating to race—we tried to be expansive in reaching out to different groups without succumbing to the pitfalls of tokenization.

Just because this special issue has been finalized and printed does not mean that the conversation about race on our platform is over. We encourage all readers to comment, critique and hopefully contribute to the discussion.