Students Sit In Solidarity

McGill’s Mob Squad Supports MUNACA

Photos Jacob Roberts

The Mob Squad has struck again, this time in support of McGill’s non-academic employees who have been on strike for six weeks.

McGill University’s Non-Academic Certified Association has been prevented by the university’s administration from picketing on campus, which has prompted students to take action in support of the union.

The Mob Squad bills themselves as “McGill’s undergraduate mobilization squad, committed to combating inequity on campus and abroad.”

The approximately 30 participants sat in a circle in the middle of an intersection on the McGill campus, yet did not prevent traffic from moving through the grounds.

“What we’re doing here might seem radical [but] it’s just common sense. We need to stand in solidarity with these workers who deserve what they are asking for,” said a third-year student who identified herself only as Bianca. “I think all these apathetic people walking past us need to listen to what’s happening and pay attention.”

Although the turn out wasn’t as big as the Mob Squad had hoped for, group member Matthew Crawford-Appignanesi, said he was happy people showed up at all—considering the sit in was scheduled the day after the Thanksgiving long weekend.

“At least this shows that people still care about this issue six weeks into it. There is a space for students who care about progressive issues and especially labour rights on this campus,” said Crawford-Appignanesi. “It’s good to see that it’s not business as usual at McGill.”