Students Silenced

Faculty, Students Protest for Free Speech at McGill

Photo Erin Sparks

Students and faculty taped their mouths shut last week outside of McGill University’s administration building after a ban on groups of more than 15 people on campus was put into effect.

“Make no mistake, if they can silence MUNACA in the way they are trying to, they will silence the rest of us when our time comes,” said Derek Nystrom, an associate professor and member of McGill Faculty Labour Action Group.

The protest was organized as a response to the recent injunction filed by McGill’s administration to ban gatherings of more than 15 people on campus.

The injunction comes as protests in support of MUNACA, the McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association, have grown on campus.

The union has been on strike since Sept. 1 in an effort to see their wages reach parity with those of other universities.

Protesters made their way through the McGill campus, reaching the administration building, where they stared up silently at the office windows of university officials as security guards stood by.

The injunction is set to be reviewed on Oct. 3.