Special Issue: Lost Crowns

We are kings and queens,

blindfolded roaming the streets.
Pockets empty,
surrounded by poverty,
we steal because we’re hungry.
We don’t know any better.
We’ve been blinded from birth.
No one educated us on our worth.

We are princes and princesses,
The way we treat each other is tragic.
Bred with hate,
one hurts the other,
creating a cycle strong enough to last forever.
We don’t know any better.
Raised by single mothers,
fuelled with anger.

We are brothers and sisters,
On every corner,
killing each other.
An abomination,
of our own reflection.
We don’t know any better.
Missing fathers,
we were raised in families without leaders.
From birth we are victims,
of all possible isms.

We form a community of lost royalty.
We were once an aristocracy,
Heads held high,
magnificent nobility.
We’ve been defeated from the moment we were taken from our native country.
Drowning in darkness,
more and more hopeless…
Quietly everyday crowns
are sinking to the crown.