Scabs Allowed at McGill

Emergency Stop-Work Order Denied

Photo Jacob Roberts

Quebec’s Labour Relation Board has rejected an emergency stop-work order for McGill University.

The union representing the McGill University Non-Academic Certified Association demanded, in late September, for an emergency stop-work order on the replacement workers hired to do their jobs during the strike.

The demand was rejected by Quebec’s Labour Relation Board.

“This is not a final ruling on the scab labour question,” said David Kalant, VP of MUNACA, told The Gazette. “This is just one step. We will have to wait until a decision on the merits of our case can be made.”

The injunction, which has restricted striking activities like picketing, has been extended until Jan. 21, when MUNACA expects a hearing of the case.

MUNACA’s almost 1,700 workers have been on strike since Sept. 1 to achieve wage parity with other Montreal universities as well as improved pensions and benefits.