Reggie’s Safer Space Policy in First Stage of Development

The Concordia Student Union office on the 7th floor of the Hall Building. Photo Nik Litzenberger

The Concordia Student Union and the Centre For Gender Advocacy have begun collaborating on the creation of a Safer Space Policy for Reggie’s.

“We discussed the recent issues, timelines, baseline necessities of a safer space policy, and the difference between having a written policy and actually implementing it,” said Student Life Coordinator John Talbot in an email update.

The two bodies are planning on drafting the policy and implementing it “in the coming months.”

Once the policy is in place, its effectiveness will be evaluated by the Reggie’s board.

“The new board will then be able to amend and update the policy as needed based on how it actually functions in the space,” Talbot wrote.

Both the CSU and the Centre For Gender Advocacy will write the policy. They will also invite those who have been impacted by or often deal with the issue of sexual assault to contribute with the process. Other safe space policies will be used during the development as points of reference.

Once implemented, organizations wishing to book events at Reggie’s will have to agree to abide by the Safer Space Policy.

Reggie’s current board members will be notified of the development of the policy on Tuesday, March 15, “to bring this to their attention and to initiate action moving forward,” according to Talbot.

“Everyone knows Reggies does not have a good reputation because of its past,” he wrote. “Because of this, it is extremely important to continue engaging in this type of work with the space.”