President of Storm Alliance Steps Down Amid Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Dave Tregget Responds as Screenshots Go Viral

After TVA Nouvelles spread misinformation claiming a Côte-des-Neiges mosque had banned women construction workers from their premises, Dave Tregget took to Facebook, saying “You don’t touch our women.” Screengrab from @LeTroupeauQC, originally taken from Tregget’s personal Facebook page.

Dave Tregget announced yesterday that he’ll be stepping down as the leader of Storm Alliance, one of Quebec’s most popular far-right groups.

The announcement was made after graphic screenshots spread through social media, showing what appears to be a number of messages Tregget had sent one woman where he asked her for sexual favours.

The woman in question wrote that Tregget asked her if she had “30 minutes of free time” after she had asked him for help in organizing a protest, screenshots posted to Storm Alliance’s Facebook page allege.

The screenshots later gained more attention after the antifascist Twitter account LeTroupeauQC shared the screenshots through their page.

“The allegations against me have been brought up with only one aim in mind, to destroy me, to make me feel worse, and they’re working,” Tregget wrote on Storm Alliance’s Facebook page.

“For legal reasons and to protect Storm Alliance I’m quitting the organization, and will be absent from social media for an indeterminate amount of time, perhaps forever,” the post continued.

Tregget has gone out of his way in the past to talk about women’s rights in videos posted to his personal Facebook, especially after TVA Nouvelles spread misinformation in mid-December, claiming a Côte-des-Neiges mosque had banned women construction workers from their premises.

The privacy settings on the group Storm Alliance province de Québec have since been changed from public to private. Similar changes have also been made to Dave Tregget’s personal Facebook page.